HMA Pavement Mix Design

16 Lessons

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Dense-Graded Mixes

Dense Graded Mixes

Fine / Coarse-Graded Dense Mixes

Open-Graded Mixes

Open-Graded Cold Mixes

Open-Graded Friction Courses (OGFC)

Open-Graded Porous Asphalt

Pavement Mix Selection Guide


Asphalt Mix Grades

To learn about the different grades of asphalt mix.

HMA Mix Design

To understand why there are various asphalt mix formulas.

Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixes

Voids in the Mineral Aggregate

Understand the mixture design of voids.

Superpave Mix Design

Bailey Method

Primary Control Sieve - PCS

Aggregate Packing

Performance-based Mixture Design