Asphalt Industry Tutorials Terms of Service

Students and moderators accept personal responsibility for any comments or materials provided to the platform with the additional understanding that any such comments or contributions may be used and incorporated within the platform as either testimonials or tutorial content with, or without, attribution.

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Attribution is given as much as possible for prior works and we hold no claim to a monopoly on the accumulated knowledge of everyone who has come before.

Copyrighted material appearing on the site without express permission shall be removed upon request, along with any and all references to the copyright holder.

The information provided is primarily a combination of information that has been collected, reformed and attributed to a variety of sources.

Editing of original material is solely for the purpose of clarity and to provide a standardised level of comprehension, regardless of your current expertise.

The more you know, the more you grow.

Note: This training program is a continual work in progress. Lessons may initially appear to be incomplete. While over fifty courses are in the process of being developed, only a few will appear as a sample of what is to come.