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Road Building

To provide you with a basic overview of the road construction process and the different types of pavements.

17 Lessons

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Intro to Road Building

Road Nomenclature

How do you build a road?

To learn the very basics of road construction.

Flexible or Rigid

Flexible Pavement Design

Flexible Pavement

To learn what a flexible pavement is.

Stage Construction

Mechanical-Empirical Pavement Design

Texas Mechanistic-Empirical Flexible Pavement Design (TxME)

To see how the TxME program aids pavement design.

Perpetual Pavement Design

Perpetual Pavement

To learn what perpetual pavement is.

PerRoad 4.4

To learn about the PerRoad perpetual pavement design software.

PerRoadXpress 1.0

Rigid Pavement

To learn what rigid pavements are.

Composite Pavement

To learn what a composite pavement is made of.

Material Selection

To learn the importance of proper material selection.

Need for Compaction


Prime Coats

Insulation Against Frost