Bond / Tack Coats

The course is designed to provide an understanding of how tack coats are used to bind separate layers of asphalt together.

22 Lessons

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Types of Tack Coat

Asphalt Tack Coat Overview

To provide an overview of the tack coat process.

Types of Tack Coats

To learn the different types of tack coats.

Tack Coat Characteristics

Bonding Characteristics

To learn about tack coat bonding characteristics.

Shear and Tension Issues

To learn about the stresses affecting asphalt interlayers.

Testing Tack Bond Strength

Tack Coat Curing Time

To learn about how tack coat cures.

Aging of Tack Coats

To learn about the aging of tack coats.

Issues to Address or Avoid

Existing Surface Conditions

To learn the importance of evaluating the placement surface.

Slippage Cracking

To learn what slippage cracking is.

Tracking is Bad

To learn what tracking of emulsion is.

Removing Dust

To learn the importance of having a clean surface before applying tack.

Temperature of Application Locale

To learn the importance of having tack that matches local temperatures.

Moisture During Construction

Tack Coat Application

Application Temperature

Tack Coat Tips

Inlays / Overlays

Tack Coat Coverage

Tack Coat Application Rates

Diluting Tack

Optimal Application Rates?

Tack Coat Calculations

Tack Coat Equipment

Tack Coat Equipment